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Since 1996

quartetThere are theories that certain films are made solely for the film festival crowds.

AmostviolentyearWhen Opportunity Presents Itself

AmostviolentyearAll the ingredients are there but sadly the movie fails to deliver anything new and/or intriguing.

Trust Is A Word In A Dictionary

singleshotSimply put, A Single Shot is a top notch, gut wrenching, crime-drama.

awalkinthewoodsOne Bear Said To Another

abouttimeAbout Time uses the syfy twist of time travel to give it that element of originality without being cliche.

actsofgodDon't Grieve Alone

admI wanted more laughs and less emoting.

Africa United as reviewed in Phantom TollboothAn uplifting, action-packed, 3,000 mile road movie – on foot


africiancatsI cried and laughed; often at the same time. The thing about live nature documentaries is you have to take the good with the bad. I was worn out by the time it was over.


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